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Feast of Legends

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If you think tabletop RPGs aren’t mainstream yet, behold _Feast of Legends_, a 97 page advertisement/5e-like role-playing game created by Wendy’s, a US-based fast food chain. The production values are actually impressive, and the tone is very tongue in cheek. Expect puns. #rpg #wendys #signsofapocalypse
That is quite impressive, I think I have not seen such a thing since the early 1990s.

Do I have to go to wendy's to get a printed copy?


Seven-Wide RPG Challenge

Someone approaches you and says that they want to read and play seven roleplaying games, but want those seven games to cover the widest possible range of the #rpg experience, design concepts, play styles and so forth. They need you to pick those seven games. What list do you give them?

Don't reply here, but rather make a post with the #7wideRpg tag.
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Hasbro buys Death Row Records

!Roleplaying Games
Hasbro has completed the purchase of a conglomerate that owned, among other things, Death Row Records. Keeping fingers crossed for a Snoop campaign setting.
Death Row Records is now owned by toy company Hasbro

!Roleplaying Games
A neural net trained on frpg monster names, to generate new ones.
“Fire worman” is my favorite.

!Roleplaying Games
A neural net trained on frpg monster names, to generate more.

!Roleplaying Games
Getting into older cartoons, so naturally thinking about Thundarr the Barbarian. For some background, I threw some notes about the
current state of Thundarr gaming onto my wiki.

Corrections, comments, and additions welcome. #thundarr #rpg
There is also Barbarians of Lemuria, I think Thundarr was one of the inspirations.

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Anyone have any experience with this thing, which aims to be “like Tindr, but for finding role-playing groups”?


#rpg #lfg
No experience. And no experience really wanted. Something skeevy about that analogy to me...

It’s the result of a master’s thesis from a student at Savannah. It’s easy to imagine why she’d want to build it.

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I don’t think Kira Magrann posts to the Federation, so this community seems like a perfect spot for her #AprilTTRPGMaker:
I'm game. I'll be posting things up about it also! Knowing me, I'll be posting multiple days at a time.


1879: Getting Into the Spirit

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In which we discuss the spiritual aspects of the game world, both in terms of theology and the disembodied or nonembodied, and yes, there is a difference.


New York 1881 Organization

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For the New York sourcebook for FASA's 1879, I'm dividing NYC into the Rich, the Political Machine, the Criminals, and the Poor. In each Ward, one of these factions will dominate in terms of population, and one in terms of control. This will in turn drive the stories played out in each region of the city. Starting to organize my notes, now that I've done enough research to have enough notes to organize.

!Roleplaying Games
Overheard on G+, but thought I’d share it here. (The G+ post points to Imgur which, as always, doesn’t identify the source. If you know, reply.)

Do you follow the Roleplaying Games forum? Should it continue? Is it (or can it be) useful?

I do follow it, and think that it can be useful. I just don't think that we've reached a critical enough mass on Friendica for it to be yet. More people need to be made aware of it.

Testing federation of comments from Pluspora.

!Roleplaying Games
I don't follow the #OSR all that closely, but the Black Hack box set sure is a sexy beast.
I totally agree with that sentiment and have thought about ordering it.

!Roleplaying Games
The “sufficiently advanced yet kinda-sorta post-apocalyptic” setting of Numenera is underappriciated. You can get it all for nearly nothing for the next week or so. Totally worth it for the art alone.
#numenera #humblebundle


New “Roleplaying Games” group

I’ve created this account as a “Community Forum” account. Not sure if it will work, but is meant mostly as a sample of how such groups work.

One issue: I can’t assign a delegate to the account. Not sure why.
I figured out the delegate thing. Can only make a member of the group a delegate, so takes an additional log off/log on cycle.