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À tous ceux qui pleurent en voyant leur facture Google Map, sachez que le moteur Addok de geocoding / reverse geocoding porté par Etalab et qui se branche facilement sur les adresses de la Base d'Adresses Nationale est vraiment top ! Vous pouvez l'essayer ici :

On en a installé une instance au boulot et on migre petit à petit notre code.

Merci cquest et ybon de faire vivre un projet pareil, sous licence WTFPL !

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Canada and Russia are big, but not as big as most people think: It's physically impossible to project the surface of a sphere accurately onto a flat surface. This fact turns into a serious problem when making maps - especially world maps. No matter what you do, your map will always depict either the countries' shape or the countries' size wrong. The so-called Mercator projection, which is the most commonly used projection type in present-day maps, gets the shapes of all the countries right but vastly exaggerates the size of the countries near the earth's poles. This map shows the actual size of the world's countries.
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Inside Mount Oswald #rpg #map
#rpg #map

I love maps and admit to getting a kick out of being able to correctly identify countries, cities, geographic features, etc. This interactive map of Europe is a fun way to learn about where the various countries are. There are 46 countries (including city states) in total. I needed more than one guess for four of them and got one wrong after three guesses. See how many you can find!

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SVG map: Description: And some random names: Nsperhuta Nopidriquu Phuge Shusu Wranlashu Rhupr Speche Kopirhuwra Zuhoge Zusudri Nowra Notalashu Riphiko Shepr Cheshu Spequusu Ephuspe Tashula Kozurhe Taphupr #textmapper #hex #map #rpg

Here's an illustrated haiku from a while ago! I liked the idea of doing gross touristy-postcard graphic design but in my fantasy universe.
Here's the patreon post with a process gif of it being made/a write up!
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@awinter Assuming you have nothing but the output, here's what you do: view source, search for the svg closing tag </svg>, and there you'll find the text used to generate the map. Copy it and paste it here:
If you are still in the process of using the Hex Describe web application, then you can always copy the text from the text area on the page itself, of course. For example, visit and save the text.
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Writing tables for Hex Describe. Added treasure for hobgoblins and orcs. Now I need a bunch of magic items but I don't want to copy stuff from a book. So it'll be all: how much can I remember? How much can I invent? And will it be any good‽
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It's finally here! "The Oasis," my newest #map , is now available on gumroad!

This is a big, beautiful TWO map set! The download includes print-ready PDFs of the A and B sides, as well as a full-size version (2ft x 3ft)!

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