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Das Spiele-Jahr 2020 startet unter anderem mit "Monster Hunter World: Iceborn", "Commandos 2 HD Remaster" und "Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot". #Download-Team #Gaming #Spiele


Google Stadia review: A warts-and-all but bullish review

I've been hanging off doing any updates about Google Stadia as we really needed a down to earth non-promo review and this looms, like it. It certainly sees like it is working but there are reservations about how it will respond under more intensive load in the future, and will Google stick with it or abandon it after two or three years.

Good news it that it works on an average broadband connection with a latency of around 30ms. This won't be the case if you are connecting from a different continent eg. Africa where the latency between continents is a good 300ms. But if it takes off it is expected that more servers will be closer to players.


#technology #gaming #googlestadia

Cloud gaming isn't a new idea. Companies like OnLive (RIP) have been trying to make it work for the better part of a decade. Google's effectively


The South African Rooikat 76 Mk.1D armoured vehicle just made it into War Thunder

Really good to see a classic South African vehicle making it into War Thunder, even if it has joined the British forces. At 120km/h it is the fastest armoured ground vehicle in War Thunder and appears in rank 6. The Rooikat was actually designed for covering long distances and fighting in Africa's savannah and bush terrain. It was lightly armoured as it was not intended to face heavy enemy armour, and its specific strengths were to survive driving over mines. So it is likely to play a highly mobile scouting and spotting role in War Thunder.

Watch a video review at and some game stats at

#gaming #warthunder #southafrica
Rooikat 76 Mk.1D - Update 1.95 Devblog - War Thunder

Buy your Official TEC Merchandise : Support my work on Patreon : ...

Einer der Traumberufe in der IT-Welt ist Spiele-Entwicklung. Ausbildungsstätten wie das Cologne Games Labs bereiten auf die Herausforderungen vor. #Arbeitsmarkt #Gaming #Karriere #Spiele #Spieleindustrie

Die VR-Spielebranche dümpelte lange im Schnarchmodus vor sich hin. Nun sorgt Valve mit Half-Life: Alyx für Wallung – ein mutiger Alleingang mit Hindernissen. #Gaming #Half-Life #Half-LifeAlyx #Spiele #Steam #ValveSoftware #VirtualReality


Pour one out for the Steam Controller, now on closeout sale for just $5 plus shipping - An amazing gadget bites the dust

$13 (inc shipping) is a pretty excellent price if you ever plug your PC into your television, or sling your PC games wirelessly to the Steam Link app on your phone and need an accurate solution.

That’s because the controller is one of the most fully customizable gamepads ever made, and perhaps the only one to offer mouse-like pinpoint precision. That’s because it uses a pair of trackpads, complete with tiny solenoid actuators for haptic feedback, so you can emulate a mouse or trackball. Plus, there are paddles around back for crouching, jumping, strafing, you name it without needing to take your thumbs off those trackpads.


#technology #gaming
Pour one out for the Steam Controller, now on closeout sale for just $5 plus shipping

And come hear it sing the Doom theme song.

heise+ | PC-Bauvorschläge: Linux statt Windows auf dem optimalen PC 2020

Ubuntu & Co. laufen auf unseren vorgestellten PC-Bauvorschlägen, ecken allerdings ein wenig an. Mit ein paar gezielten Eingriffen klappt es. #AMD #Gaming #Grafik #Kompatibilität #Kompilieren #Linux-Kernel #Linux-Treiber #Mesa #NVIDIAGeForce #OptimalerPC2020 #PC-System #Radeon

Hamburg versteht sich als Hotspot der Games-Branche. Ein Treffen für Videospiel-Fans fehlte dort bislang aber. Nun kommen erstmals Tausende Gamer zusammen. #Cosplay #Counter-Strike:GlobalOffensive #E-Sport #Gamevention #Gaming #Hamburg #LeagueofLegends #Messe

Ein Weltkriegs-Spiel muss kein plumper Shooter sein. Bei einer Konferenz in den Cologne Games Labs geht es um die Frage: Wie authentisch können Spiele sein? #ClashOfRealities #Gaming #Kriegsspiele #Shooter #Spiele

Für den Retro-Joystick mit einstellbarem Dauerfeuer und USB-Anschluss gibt es nun eine Platine, die den Nachbau noch einfacher macht. #Gaming #Joystick #Retro


Optical Switch Keyboards Are Good For 100 Million Keystrokes And Have Faster Switching

Admittedly general use is often served well enough by cheaper membrane keyboards which are cheap to replace (and quieter) than mechanical keyboards. These newer keyboards are going to cost more but will likely outlast existing mechanical keyboards a good five times longer. Their debounce (reset) time is also way quicker so for real high-speed gaming use this is an advantage and there is also the possibility of analogue keys where the travel distance is measured (a bit like a joystick) so that the key is not just on or off.


#gaming #technology #keyboards
Optical Keyboards Have Us Examining Typing at Light Speed-ish

There’s a newish development in the world of keyboards; the optical switch. It’s been around for a couple years in desktop keyboards, and recently became available on a laptop keyboard …


Open Source game engine Xenko 3.1 ships - It is an open-source alternative to Unity

Looking for an open-source alternative to Unity? (Or an alternative open-source alternative to Godot?) Xenko might be worth checking out. Xenko has a feature set broadly similar to Unity or Godot, including a full asset pipeline; a 3D scene editor, 2D sprite editor and UI editor; character animation and pathfinding; and physics and particles.

As you might expect, given that Silicon Studio develops optical effects middleware, its graphics capabilities are pretty good, including support for PBR materials, hair and skin; a light probe system for indirect lighting; and a forward renderer with a standard set of post effects.

Games can be deployed to Windows, Xbox One, Android and iOS – the latter two via Xamarin – and Linux. It also supports the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive VR headsets.

The video at shows off some of what it can do.

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Vorschau: Neue PC-Spiele im Dezember 2019 #Download-Team #Gaming #Spiele

Apple Arcade: Schwache Performance auf einigen Macs #AppleArcade #Gaming #Spiele #Spieleabonnement

Apple Arcade erreicht 100 Spiele #Abodienst #Apple #AppleArcade #Gaming #Spiele #iOS #macOS #tvOS

Amiga34 – Zwei Tage rund um den Kultcomputer #Amiga #Commodore #Gaming #Homecomputer #Messe #Retro #RetroComputing


'But mom, video games are my job' - A Doctor's View on E-Sports and When the Line may be Crossed

To me, e-sport is much like any pro-sport... a living can be made but it's usually the best of the best who make it big, and that is not the majority of people. So yes you need to train hard and perfect your game but if sleep is being deprived and the schoolwork neglected then no matter whether it is e-sport or other sport there should be some caution applied.

Highly competitive e-sport, like other sports, is not something one may be doing for decades until retirement But equally, parents must not just be dismissive of e-sports as "just a game". Some good summary at the end of the article which is equally applicable to any passion in life.


#gaming #esport
'But mom, video games are my job'

These days millions of young Americans are paying real money to watch other young people play video games


War Thunder Update 1.93 has a new naval location called 'South Africa'

“South Africa” is a new location for naval battles, created with a nod (OK its a very vague nod) to South African landscapes and the ocean shore of Cape Town. This Atlantic pearl will become available for all War Thunder players in the upcoming update 1.93 “Shark Attack”. Coming soon...

See screenshots at

#warthunder #gaming
[Development]New location: South Africa

We’re pleased to present our new naval location “South Africa” in the upcoming update 1.93 “Shark Attack”!

Schach ist ein Sport. E-Sport nicht. Warum? Fehlt es an Gamern im Bundestag? Etienne Gardé von rocketbeansTV fragt die Abgeordneten. #Neuland #Docupy #Neuland #Digitalisierung #Bundestag #Gaming #E-Sport #Games


Study finds insufficient evidence of gaming as a clinical disorder - Research suggests obsessive gamers likely to be suffering from wider issues

According to research conducted by Oxford University, in partnership with Cardiff University, there’s nothing clinically ‘wrong’ with obsessive gamers. Rather than being negatively impacted by gaming itself, it’s suggested that young people who engage in dysfunctional gaming may be doing so in a bid to escape “underlying frustrations and wider psychosocial functioning issues”. It involved collecting and analysing data from 1,000 adolescents and an equal number of caregivers in England, Scotland and Wales.

My opinion is many seem quick to blame gaming for school shootings or addictive gaming behaviour but it makes sense that gaming could be an escape from some other issue (maybe not the healthiest way to deal with issues) but it can also be a healthier outlet for feelings of aggression rather than taking those out on other human beings. Maybe addictive gaming could be an indicator to look for another cause of a problem. But then a line should also be drawn between it being a passionate sport/hobby vs actual addictive behaviour.

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1879: The Great Ones Remember

Who are the Great Families of the Gruv? Don't forget that we're nearing December. Clickthru: #fasa1879 #victorian #steampunk #ttrpg #rpg #games #gaming


Call of Duty: Mobile now available for download on Android

With the global release of the game, players no longer need to resort to using VPNs and other tricks to play the game. You can simply download the game from the Play Store, or the Apple App Store if you are using an iOS device. Do note that the game requires good hardware to run well and provide an enjoyable experience, with minimum requirements pointing towards phones with at least 2GB RAM and Android 5.1. However, the better your phone is in terms of hardware prowess, the smoother you can expect gameplay to be. There are in-app purchases, but as it is with most current generation FPS titles, these are mainly on the cosmetics side, so you can still play the game for free.


#android #callofduty #gaming
Call of Duty: Mobile now available for download on Android

After a prolonged and succesful beta run, Call of Duty: Mobile is finally available for download on Android and iOS, accepting new players around the world!


How to improve gaming performance on Linux with Feral GameMode - Will work with Steam games too

Feral Interactive has created an innovative program for Linux gamers known as GameMode. It’s an impressive tool that can improve performance while playing video games by optimizing several aspects of the Linux operating system, including the CPU governor, I/O priorities, GPU performance, and much more.

Using GameMode on Linux requires that the program be built from its source code available on GitHub. Building the source code is very straight-forward, as the developers outline what dependencies it requires, how to install them, and have even included an elegant installation script that, when run, can take the tediousness out of compiling software.


#FOSS #opensource #gaming

How to improve gaming performance on Linux with Feral GameMode


Best Cloud Gaming Services in 2019

Cloud gaming is taking the gaming community by storm! No, they are not replacing huge gaming rigs just yet, and local gaming will always be here a long time still, but they are making those who are budget-minded excited! Cloud gaming takes all the heavy work out of the equation, making it possible for ANYONE to get started without plunking down their firstborn’s college fund. As such, picking the right one can be hard.

Of course the workload shifts from the client desktop to the cloud servers (the easy part you pay for monthly) but it does require some bandwidth and good latency to be playable (not easy if you live far away from the servers). So on a service like Vortex you will see they have multi-players like War Thunder but here the graphics needs to transfer from the cloud to your computer, whilst if you install it locally it is just object coordinates transferring which is way quicker on a slower latency link. So whilst I have a 4ms latency within South Africa, the latency to New York is 219ms or to London at 148ms which is not so good for cloud gaming.

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Well the 'Consent in Gaming' pdf caused a meltdown among some groups of people when it came out. So I decided to do a Jaded Gamer Diary entry about it. Along with my proposal of an alternative solution.

#gaming #roleplaying #ttrpg


DiRT Rally For Windows, MacOS and Linux is Currently FREE on Steam, Saving You $39.99 until 10AM PT on September 16, 2019

DiRT Rally delivers an exceptional rally racing experience with more than 40 rally cars available to race on more than 70 stages. And DiRT Rally even has a native Linux version to boot! You’ll need a valid Steam account (free, requires e-mail) in order to redeem the offer, as well as to download and install the game.


#gaming #dirtrally #steamgames
DiRT Rally is Currently FREE on Steam, Saving You $39.99 [Limited Offer]

You can snag a FREE copy of DiRT Rally, the well-regarded rally racing game for Windows, macOS and Linux, from the Steam store — but only for this

#dnd #rpg #ttprg #gaming #tsr #gygax #arneson #kuntz

#dnd #rpg #ttprg #gaming #tsr #gygax #arneson #kuntz

#dnd #rpg #ttprg #gaming #tsr #gygax #arneson #kuntz

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Mixing Tower Defense with production chains, the free and open source game Mindustry has a big update

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Mindustry 4.0 released!

After more than a year a new version of my favorite #libre #game has been released!


#Mindustry is a tower defense game where you build machines similarly to a proprietary game Factorio, and it has multiplayer. I've played the previous version and enjoyed it very much, it was one of the best libre games I've played. This new version should be kind of an overhaul, many new features and rules. Give it a try.

(Note: I've discovered a bug when running the GNU/Linux binary can give a segfault -- it's probably caused by an outdated packing tool and if it happens to you, just run the game directly with java -jar desktop-release.jar.)

#foss #gnu #linux #gaming #open-source #libregames #freegames

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A tweak for the game #MightySix, a #Superhero supplement for #MiniSix, a rules-lite adaptation of the old #D6 #RPG from the 80s.

The perks Hard To Kill, Harder To Kill, and Even Harder To Kill each cost one skill point, and each successive perk requires the previous perks. (ie, Hard To Kill is required for Harder To Kill, and Harder To Kill is required for Even Harder To Kill.) While it makes sense for Harder To Kill to be required for Even Harder To Kill, I can think of situations where the added toughness of Hard To Kill might not be desirable for the latter two perks. In particular, the character Nathan, from the show Misfits, comes to mind. While his resurrection power would best... Show more...


Coolest Gadgets' Best Gaming Chair for 2019

Quite a variety of options and prices. If you spend a lot of time in a chair you get to realise where the shortcomings are with many standard chairs for example padding that is just too thin. The rockers listed look like great options but what I'm not getting is, do you then play from floor level? But like with standing or walking all days where your choice of really good shoes is important, the same can be said for gaming or computing where you may spend 10 or 12 hours in that chair.

Best Gaming Chair [2019]

#gaming #chairs
Best Gaming Chair [2019]

After looking at dozens of options we thing the AKRacing Core Series EX-Wide”is the best gaming chair for the money. It’s reasonably priced, very comfortable and supports a good posture with lumbar pillows for back and neck.

Took the plunge and picked up Harnmaster 3rd edition over on DrivethruRPG. Columbia Games has it on a big sale right now. #Harn #ttrpg #roleplaying #gaming

It's #E3 soon, so here's a reminder that you don't have to use Steam and its DRM-locked services.

There are DRM-free game stores which let you actually own games you buy without locking you to any app or device:

#DRMfree #Alternatives #Gaming #PCGaming

Well a new #Shadowrun book popped up on DrivethruRPG and I didn't even notice. Sounds like something I would pick up if I ever stepped back over to that game again. #ttrpg #roleplaying #gaming #scifi

The latest progress report for the PS3 emulator 'RPCS3' is out, improved Mesa support and loads more | GamingOnLinux

#linux #gaming

Sun Spots for #CallOfCthulhu is the Deal of the Day over on @DriveThruRPG. A 1920's adventure for 3 - 6 players and even the #POD version is on sale. Hell yeah! #ttrpg #roleplaying #gaming

This now has may attention a lot more. The print copy via POD doesn't cost that much more than the pdf and you get that pdf for free when you buy the print version. Being a junkie for gear and vehicles in scifi games this certainly has me drooling a bit. #ttrpg #scifi #roleplaying #gaming

Well the Deal of the Day over on DrivethruRPG is for FATE fangs. 'Baroque Space Opera' is up at a 40% off it's regular price. Over four hundred pages, that's a pretty big file. #ttrpg #fate #gaming #roleplaying

My latest Jaded Gamer Diary entry over on my blog. This time covering the scumbag GM that UK Games Expo had to deal with this weekend and what happened afterwards. #ttrpg #gaming #roleplaying