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For the #Android geeks among us, enjoy the show from XDA regarding new chips etc., via @YouTube

Nutzer von Android-Smartphones können sich bei der App-Askese künftig von ihrem Handy unterstützen lassen. Der Focus Mode wird an kompatible Geräte verteilt. #Android #DigitalWellbeing #Google #Smartphones

Das One Hyper bringt als erstes Smartphone von Motorola eine Pop-Up-Kamera und 45-Watt-Schnellladetechnik mit. #Android #Mittelklasse-Smartphones #Motorola #Smartphones

Huawei baut das Mate 30 komplett ohne Komponenten von US-Unternehmen. Ersatz kommt auch aus Europa. #Android #Broadcom #HiSilicon #Huawei #Qualcomm #Smartphones

Schadcode soll sich hinter legitimen Apps verstecken und so Berechtigungen zum Spionieren einfordern können. Trotz Angriffen gibt es noch keinen Patch. #Android #Multitasking #Sicherheitslücken #StrandHogg

Verschiedene Android-Versionen sind über kritische Sicherheitslücken attackierbar. Nun gibt es Sicherheitsupdates. #Android #Google #GooglePixel #Patchday #PatchdayDezember2019 #Sicherheitslücken #Updates


Vulnerability in fully patched Android phones under active attack by bank thieves | Ars Technica

A vulnerability in millions of fully patched Android phones is being actively exploited by malware that's designed to drain the bank accounts of infected users, researchers said on Monday.

The vulnerability allows malicious apps to masquerade as legitimate apps that targets have already installed and come to trust, researchers from security firm Promon reported in a post. Running under the guise of trusted apps already installed, the malicious apps can then request permissions to carry out sensitive tasks, such as recording audio or video, taking photos, reading text messages or phishing login credentials. Targets who click yes to the request are then compromised.
#technology #security #hacking #Android #malware


Google Photos lets you manually tag faces (as long as it sees them) | Engadget

While it is among the best tools you can use to organize your photo library, Google Photos is far from perfect. Case in point: Google has just gotten around to adding manual face tagging. The feature, first spotted by Android Police, has been missing from Photos since the company separated it from Google+ back in 2015. And now that it's here, it has one major limitation.

Specifically, you can't just pull up a photo and start tagging your friends and family. To be able to take advantage of the feature, Photos' face recognition algorithm needs to first recognize there are in fact human or animal faces in a photo. There are instances in which the app sometimes fails to correctly tag people, such as in shots where someone wasn't looking directly at the camera. Where it does work, you'll be able to both edit and add new tags.
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Dank Anbindung an das Android NDK können Entwickler den Error Tracker ab sofort auch für die Fehlersuche in nativen Librarys der Mobilplattform nutzen. #Android #ErrorTracking #Sentry

Warum gibt es keine aktuelle Mumble Version für Android?

Why is there no updated #Mumble app for #Android anymore?


Twidere malfunctioning - maybe non-coincidentally?

This is a bit annoying, as I haven't been using Twidere for very long, but very quickly have grown to like it, as I have been able to use it for my main Twitter accounts as well as Friendica. It seems to be a great reader.

A couple of days ago, in fact, I think I only noticed it yesterday morning, the main timeline stopped updating on all of my accounts - which seemed extremely strange as they're on different platforms. So, my suspicion was was Twidere, my phone, etc.

If you look at Twidere's latest tweets, it looks like they're shutting the project down - except, that on it's own shouldn't break things, should it? They say things may change with the tie-in to Twitter, but not sure how or why this would affect Statusnet connections.

Would love to know if anyone else uses Twidere and if they've noticed the same issues at all.

Have a look at :

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heise-Angebot: iX 12/2019: Kubernetes effizient und sicher einsetzen

Die neue Dezember-iX widmet sich ausführlich dem Unternehmenseinsatz von Kubernetes. Weitere Themen sind die Bußgelder der DSGVO und Endpoint-Security-Dienste. #Android #Containerisierung #DSGVO #Kubernetes #Programmiersprachen #Programmierung #Sicherheit #Softwareentwicklung #Systemverwaltung #iX


BatteryGuru for Android helps you track usage and optimize battery health for longevity

Practically all smartphones these days come with non-removable batteries and some form of fast charging technology. Unless done properly with adequate heat management, charging and fast charging do degrade the life of your phone’s battery, and non-removable batteries make it difficult to swap out an older degraded battery for a new one. Glass sandwich designs further complicate the swapping process, often cracking either the front or the back glass if you are not experienced enough. In these situations, it becomes really important to maintain the health of your battery, especially if you plan to use your phone for more than 2 years. BatteryGuru attempts to help you in this endeavor.

BatteryGuru by XDA Recognized Developer Paget96 tries to help your phone’s battery life by focusing on its overall longevity rather than getting you the most work done with a full charge.

See a few screenshots at Show more...


Massive Android Exploit Lets Hackers Control Your Camera, Affects 'Hundreds of Millions' of Users | PetaPixel

A security firm has discovered a major Android exploit that would allow hackers to take control of your smartphone’s camera in the background and use it to take pictures or record video while the phone is locked. The security report reveals that the exploit affects Google and Samsung smartphones, bringing the tally of affected users into the “hundreds of millions.”
#technology #smartphone #Android #hacking #security #privacy
Massive Android Exploit Lets Hackers Control Your Camera, Affects ‘Hundreds of Millions’ of Users

Das Huawei Mate 30 Pro darf keine Google-Dienste nutzen, der Marktstart in Europa war lange zweifelhaft. Nun gibt es das Handy eingeschränkt in Spanien- #Android #Huawei #Mate30Pro #Smartphones

Ganz ohne Zugriffsrechte können Android-Apps Fotos und Videos machen – ideal, um Nutzer auszuspionieren. Von Google und Samsung gibt es Updates. #Android #Checkmarx #Google #Kamera #Samsung #Sicherheit #Sicherheitslücken #Spionage #Überwachung

Wie erwartet hat Washington die eingeschränkte Erlaubnis für Geschäfte mit dem chinesischen Konzern erneut verlängert. Im Fokus stehen regionale Netzbetreiber. #Android #China #Embargo #Handelkrieg #Huawei #USA

Den Kurs "Advanced Android in Kotlin" hat Google zusammen mit Udacity entwickelt und bietet ihn in zwei Formaten an. #Android #E-Learning #Kotlin #Kurs #MobileDevelopment #Udacity

heise+ | Androids eingebaute VoIP-Funktionen wieder aktivieren

Mit einem SIP-Konto sind Sie weltweit unter einer Festnetznummer erreichbar, telefonieren günstig und sind nicht auf Mobilfunkempfang angewiesen. #Android #SIP #Telefonie #VoIP

Microsoft: Cortana verschwindet von iOS- und Android-Geräten #Android #Cortana #Microsoft #Sprachverarbeitung #Windows #iOS

Handelskrieg: US-Regierung könnte Ausnahme für Huawei verlängern #AOSP #Android #China #Google #Handelskrieg #Huawei #US-Regierung #USA

"Brexit-App" für Android: Forscher warnen vor zahlreichen Sicherheitsmängeln #Android #Apps #Brexit-App #Großbritannien #Hacking #Sicherheitslücken #brexit

heise+ | Google Pixel 4 und Pixel 4 XL: Mit Gestensteuerung und mehr #Android #Android10 #Google #GooglePixel #Kamera-Smartphones #Pixel4 #Pixel4XL #Smartphones #Test

heise+ | Kurztests: Sony Xperia 5, WLAN-Repeater für Wi-Fi 6 und HPs VR-Headset Reverb #Android #HPReverb #Hewlett-Packard #Kurztest #Netgear #Repeater #Smartphones #SonyXperia #SonyXperia5 #VR-Brillen #VirtualReality #WLAN #Wifi6

Angriffe über USB und Bluetooth: Android-Smartphones verwundbar #Android #Baseband #Bluetooth #Sicherheitslücken #USB


Nextcloud 3.9.0 for Android is here! Markdown preview, remote wipe integration, new media player and more – Nextcloud

really nice!
#nextcloud #android
Nextcloud 3.9.0 for Android is here! Markdown preview, remote wipe integration, new media player and more


Nextcloud 3.9.0 for Android is here! Markdown preview, remote wipe integration, new media player and more – Nextcloud

really nice!
#nextcloud #android
Nextcloud 3.9.0 for Android is here! Markdown preview, remote wipe integration, new media player and more


Delayed Gmail notifications? You're not alone | Android Authority

Push notifications are an essential part of our smartphones. Without them, we could miss important messages or miss out on hearing the latest news as it happens. Unfortunately, it appears that there might be a major problem with delayed Gmail notifications on Android, which is certainly no good.
#technology #Android #email #Gmail
Evidence emerges that Android delays Gmail notifications, possibly due to Doze

Ich bin der Entwickler des #OpenSource #Android Browsers "FOSS Browser". Bevor ich das nächste Update veröffentliche, möchte ich, dass Übersetzungen aktualisiert werden. Jeder kann helfen. Kann gerne geteilt werden. #Danke.

I'M the developer of the #OpenSource #Android #browser "FOSS Browser". Before I release the next update, I want to get the translations updated. Everyone can help. Please share. #ThankYou.

1. Übersetzen/transalte:
2. FOSS Browser on F-Droid
3. FOSS Browser on PlayStore

#Help #Hilfe

Googles "App Defense Alliance" soll schädliche Apps aus Play Store aussperren #Android #Apps #Google #GooglePlayStore #Malware #Smartphones


Tasker for Android update adds Logcat detection, allowing for a lot of new automation possibilities

So what can you do with the new Logcat Entry event in Tasker? The developer himself gives you a few examples:
* Augment Pixel 4’s motion gestures
* Do different stuff for each finger when unlocking the device
* React to snoozing an alarm
* Do different stuff for when you unlock your device with your finger or with a pattern
* React to the Back button being held for 1 second in any app
* React to the software keyboard being shown/hidden
* Do different actions on Samsung devices depending on if the power button was double-clicked or the Bixby button was pressed

More info and a video demo at

Tasker update adds Logcat detection, allowing for a lot of new automation possibilities

Tasker, the most popular Android app for automation, is getting logcat detection in its latest update. This opens up a ton of new automation possibilities.

Patchday: Mehrere Remote-Code-Execution-Lücken in Android geschlossen #Android #Google #GooglePixel #Patchday #PatchdayNovember2019 #Sicherheitslücken #Updates

Is there an #Android app that acts like a VPN and allows the following?
1. Use different #DNS than standard system DNS or allows to use URL based block lists?
2. Permits to set #SOCKS proxy for certain apps?

I want to blocks ads and certain servers by some custom DNS or block lists in general and I want to route most of my traffic through Tor.

#Security #Mobile #Tor


Magisk v20.1 and Magisk Manager v7.4.0 introduces new hiding mode for Android 9+ rooted devices

Magisk is an incredible tool for Android rooting enthusiasts. Magisk is immensely popular because its ability to bypass Google’s SafetyNet which prevents games, OTT and banking applications, etc from running on rooted devices. The new hiding mode part of the Magisk Manager v7.4.0 ensures that associated packages remain undetected by means of a “heavily obfuscated stub APK.” The resources required to run the Manager will be downloaded into its internal files of the stub app and loaded whenever you need to use the full Manager app. You can also change the name of the app while hiding it.

A tip from the comments there too is to de-optimise Magisk for battery optimization.


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Honor 9X: Smartphone mit Triple Kamera und Google-Services #Android #Android-Smartphone #Google #Honor #Honor9X #Huawei #Smartphones

Android Beam erlaubt Einschleusen fremder Apps #Android #Google #NFC #Sicherheit

heise+ | High-End-Smartphone OnePlus 7T: Spitzenkamera zum günstigen Preis #Android #OnePlus #OnePlus7T #OnePlus7TPro #Smartphones

Honor 9X: Smartphone mit Triple Kamera und Google-Services #Android #Android-Smartphone #Google #Honor #Honor9X #Huawei #Smartphones

Android Beam erlaubt Einschleusen fremder Apps #Android #Google #NFC #Sicherheit


Make Android 10’s Hidden Desktop Mode more useful on the OnePlus 7/7T and Essential Phone - Sorry Pixel 4 owners, this won't work on your phone

Google built a barebones launcher for external displays so developers can test what their apps might look like on large displays, but they didn’t even bother adding display out support on the Pixel 4. Sadly, this means that Android 10’s hidden desktop mode is unusable on the latest Pixel smartphone, but if you have the Essential Phone, OnePlus 7/7 Pro, OnePlus 7T/7T Pro, or any other phone with video output over USB-C, then there’s a way to make it more useful. Your Android smartphone needs to support DisplayPort Alt Mode. If you have a smartphone with the Qualcomm Snapdragon 835, Qualcomm Snapdragon 845, or Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 and a USB 3.1 Type-C port, then your smartphone should support DisplayPort Alt Mode unless the phone vendor deliberately disabled it. Google disabled it on the Pixel 4, for example.

See how to enable it at

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heise+ | High-End-Smartphone OnePlus 7T: Spitzenkamera zum günstigen Preis #Android #OnePlus #OnePlus7T #OnePlus7TPro #Smartphones

WhatsApp lässt sich auf Android mit Fingerabdruck absichern #Android #Smartphones #WhatsApp

So I can either block advertisements with #Blokada or surf anonymous with #Tor #Orbot, both together is not possible as both have to act as a VPN on #Android. Any alternative solutions combining Tor and block lists for ads?

Samsung: Galaxy Fold 2 könnte wie ein Klapphandy aussehen #Android #GalaxyFold #Samsung #Smartphones


Android 10 custom GSI brings the latest Android OS to any Project Treble-supported device without modifying the boot or vendor image

Thanks to Project Treble, a major rearchitecting of the Android OS, it’s possible to boot a generic, AOSP-based system image without modifying the boot or vendor image. OEMs seeking Google certification are required to test their devices for Treble compliance by booting this “Generic System Image,” or GSI, and verifying basic hardware functionality, but they aren’t required to make sure that everything works. Phhusson’s latest GSI brings Android 10 to any device that supports Project Treble, and it does so without breaking basic functionality like Wi-Fi, RIL, or brightness controls on many devices.

See how to do this at

Android 10 custom GSI brings the latest Android OS to any Project Treble-supported device

An Android 10 custom GSI is now available for download, bringing the latest Android OS version to any device that supports Project Treble.

Les 10 paliers de libération de son téléphone Android :

#android #vie-privée #degooglisons


Google expands Chrome's Site Isolation feature to Android users | ZDNet

If Chrome for Android users visit a site where they enter passwords, Chrome will isolate that site from all the other tabs in a separate Android process, keeping the user's data safe from Spectre-like attacks, Google said today.
#technology #internet #Google #Android #Chrome #security


Google Recorder is a real-time transcription app that even works when you’re offline | TechRadar

In the run-up to today’s Pixel 4 event Google was leakier than a fishnet stocking full of soup. One of the things that fell out was Google Recorder, which made its way into some people’s hands before it was officially unveiled on stage.

It might not be a big surprise anymore, but it looks like it’s going to be a big deal.

Google Recorder is going to be a brilliant tool for students, journalists and anybody else who needs to record and transcribe speeches, lectures or interviews – and the good news is that while it was unveiled purely for the Pixel 4, it’s been tested on other Android devices too.
#technology #Google #Android #Pixel #Recorder


Everything Announced at the Made by Google Pixel 4 Event | Gizmodo

In a somewhat unconventional spectacle that included a fireside chat about the company’s environmental initiatives and photographer Annie Leibovitz dropping by to talk about smartphones, Google’s Pixel 4 event in New York today included few surprises, and at times, even fewer details on its new hardware.
I hear they named one of their products the PixelBook Go. I wonder what Microsoft think about this...

#technology #Google #Android #Pixel #PixelBook