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Today, I released the latest (and probably last) version of my drift of #DungeonWorld to run the setting of #Earthdawn. Enjoy. Let me know if you actually play the thing.
Seed: Fourth World 1.5
#DungeonWorld #Earthdawn Fourth World

I don’t actually want one of these, but I’m guessing one will wind up in my house by this time next year anyway. Keurig K-Cups for cocktails, so now you can also simulate bar prices at home.
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My son attended a birthday party today, where the “cake” was a collection of #cupcakes used as pixels to form an image of a #unicorn. Seems like an obvious idea in hindsight, but I’d never seen it done before.

#cupcakes #unicorn Parenting

I have kind of an eclectic mix of #munchkin stuff. Had to build some custom inserts to hold it all. I messed up one measurement by about a millimeter, so will eventually have to take it apart and fix it, but it fits well enough for now.

I look forward to a time in the MCU, many years from now, when “Lt. Trouble” gets promoted to captain.
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OK, joke made, but if you do the numbers, Monica Rambeau will be grown up and old enough to become Spectrum by Avengers: Endgame. And pulling in a new hero as the result of an accident in the middle of the anti-Thanos shenanigans could be the wild card that tips the balance for the heroes.

Good point! I forgot about the time difference.

Best logo montage possible.
People cheered.

My son did his science fair thing this year trying to decompose various straws. These sound like they will crush the competition.
Best Thing I’ve Seen Today

I use rules engines all the time for financial applications. Never occurred to me to use the one in #macOS GameplayKit, particularly for #security.
#macOS #security Best Thing I’ve Seen Today
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American sustainable funds outperform the market
Asset managers think that investing with an eye on environmental, social and governance issues is no longer just a fad

Hey, @Chuck Dee, are you mucking around with Hubzilla? How is it? From the sound of it, they’re not trying to make it a social network thing, but something else. Is it still a social network thing anyway?
@Lester Ward - well my primary social media is still Friendica , just my own instance @Chuck Dee I also have a HubZilla instance on the same server

I mostly use that for RSS aggregation for my low-traffic feeds. I tried to dip my toe in when I couldn't get my Friendica instance to work to use as my social networking identity, but it uses the concept of a nomadic identity which doesn't gel will the rest of the Fediverse. You have to turn it off to connect with people on Friendica or Diaspora.

It was just really confusing to me as a social network, and until I started using it for RSS feeds, I couldn't really find anyone on HubZilla to connect with. It does have a lot of other interesting functions which is the reason that I keep it around. I found a good overview at; it was one of the things that convinced me that if I was looking for social networking, I should probably get Friendica back up and working.

@Lester Ward - On my own instance, I've never been able to get all RSS feeds to work as contacts. It could just be my instance, as I'm also not able to connect to some AP contacts. So that's the reason that I use it for that. And also not to mix the streams. I might try to integrate it again at some point, but just haven't done that yet as I was using HubZilla while I couldn't get Friendica to work at all.

My son (age 7) has been going on about Godzilla lately, so I thought it was time we watched the original. I gave him the choice between the true original and the Americanized version of a couple years later. He chose the former, because “subtitles are cooler”. No idea where that came from.
godzilla parenting
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Now I feel even older. Seems like the 20th anniversary was yesterday.
rpg shadowrun
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Oh man Shadowrun. That takes me back.

A hundred years ago today, 21 people minding their own business walking in the North End in Boston were killed by a 15 foot wave of molasses suddenly rampaging through the streets at 35 miles per hour.

I think about this a lot more than I should. Quite a few don’t think about it enough.
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My yearly update of which charities received donations from my family this year, mostly to encourage donations to the same places:
Charity 2018

Life lesson learned from Aquaman: when having a soft conversation with one or two people, try to post a lookout for explosions coming from off-screen.

Gavin, an injured loggerhead turtle that my family “adopted”, was released back into the wild today, with a GPS tracker on his back. You can see where he roams here:
Tracking Gavin
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Just witnessed a hard driver shredder eat the last vestiges of a now-legacy system I’d spent a number of years working with. This was much more therapeutic than I would have guessed.

Just ran into this known bug in Friendica (entered two years ago):
I also just became the 666th person to “star” the Friendica project on github.