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#Denver, I am in you. Again. Briefly.
Blucifer, you always make me smile.

My prediction for the final episode of #GameofThrones: hereditary autocracy wins.
Thought I nailed this prediction. Nope.

A decade ago, Minerva Fox, the artist for the just-launched Hearts of Wulin, kindly donated some art to an Exalted-based fanboy project I put together. I appreciate it still, and am happy to call attention to her latest project (which sounds amazing):
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A test about the "personality" of your creativity. I'm apparently a "maker". (Maybe I should have answered "fortune cookie".)

Yeah, but are you birthday cakes or fortune cookies?
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I picked fortune cookie :)

My fly trap caught its first bug.


“It’s been a long, long time.”
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Damn interesting, about the only US territory where you aren’t granted citizenship at birth. Complicated.

An open source #font, courtesy of US taxpayers.
Looks like this typeface is part of a broader system of design standards, that are kinda fascinating:

USWDS: The United States Web Design System


30. If you were in charge of the ttrpg industry, what would you change?

Being in charge of the ttrpg industry would imply that there really was such a thing as "the ttrpg industry", which would mean a bunch of healthy companies producing cool stuff, rather than one small niche company, a handful of vastly smaller niche companies, and a bunch of small press hobbyists.

In such a fantasy land, I would use my questionable authority to do the following:

  • Everybody uses open licensing.
  • Large companies (there are many in this fantasy land) fund artists to create open licensed art (somewhat like the Eclipse Phase hack packs).
  • Holders of out-of-print or "dead" IP release open licensed versions, even in just text.
  • Companies consider part of their business (even maybe the primary part) as harnessing the creativity of their customers, allowing them to build and share cool stuff they build on top of the companies' product line.
  • More software support for tabletop games, also open source.
  • All of this is magically profitable.


29. Exciting 2019 RPG Trends?

  • The number and diversity of people motivated to bring the games they want to play into the world seems to be increasing, as does the market for such games.
  • The tenor of games Powered by the Apocalypse is changing, pulling the basic core concept in more interesting directions, for very specific purposes.
  • Some of the idiotic "us vs. them" divisions are eroding, along with the insipid personality-cult bullshit that spawned them.
  • The culture of play (that is, actually trying out a bunch of new games and seeing what happens, rather than just theorizing and navel-gazing) is getting stronger.
  • The rise of people watching recordings of actual play (which, I admit, I don't understand) is bringing different voices into the hobby.

For a mere $12-15k, this really tough, small #drone can be yours. #shadowrun players take note (it's only 2019).
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#hickenlooper has thought more about anti-trust law than I have:
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28. What tools help you create?

  • TextMate
  • Illustrator
  • InDesign
  • Python
  • Cheetah3D
  • Eclipse
  • FOP
  • Photoshop
  • Excel
  • Git
  • The Creative Commons Licenses


27. How do you market your work?

Whenever I release something, I post to my blog about it. I try to find some online space relevant to the the contents and post about it there. For example, when releasing Fourth World I found some #Earthdawn and #DungeonWorld groups and forums and posted about it there. I don’t track metrics of how effective (or not) this is.

Mostly, I don’t really market. I, probably naively, assume that anyone who really cares about what I make is subscribed to the RSS feed of my low traffic blog.

(Worth mentioning: on Friendica, if you paste the URL of an RSS feed into the “Add New Contact” box, it will add that feed much like a user. This can be overwhelming for blogs that post a lot, but is very helpful for low-traffic feeds you might not check often.)


26. Favorite online community?

The shared geography of real-life communities creates certain dynamics that can’t exist in an online space. So, there really isn’t any online space that is actually a “community”. But even accepting a wider definition, many spaces that claim to be “online communities” aren’t. G+, for example, while easily my favorite social space by far, wasn’t at all a “community”. My current favorite social space, the Friendica instance, isn’t a “community”. Dumpshock was a community (probably still is, I don’t hang there anymore), as was The unofficial Exalted wiki was a community that transformed into another community, then disintegrated. I liked all of those. It’s pretty clear that the Gauntlet is really a community at thi... Show more...

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