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My son has discovered Pokémon Go. What do I need to know? Should I run screaming? Will we be walking more in the future?
Start playing it as well. Take him round to Pokestops and gyms. Two of the best Ingress players I knew in NYC were a father-son team, where Dad got into the game to support his kid and see who his kid was hanging out with, and ended up being tactical partners. Don't worry about the lore, just keep track of the players, their stats, their career tracks (evolutions), training, etc. like coaching a fantasy football team. And yes, if you're lucky, you can parlay this into family hikes and all sorts of outings.

Dying part of my son’s Halloween costume. Never tried it before.

Hipsters and economics.
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Can anyone explain to me how they have made #discord useful to them? I’ve been tinkering with it off and on for months, and can’t seem to derive much value from it compared to the cost of using it. I get the impression that, to be useful, it’s something you have to pay attention many, many times throughout a day. Is that a wrong impression?
(subscribe). I have yet to make Discord usable, so I'm also interested.

I find discord useful, and there are two unrelated modes I use it in.
1. There are a small number of servers that I read all the posts on. These servers have low user counts, but the average value per post is high.
2. There are chat rooms. I may or may not visit in any particular week. When I do visit, I've usually missed stuff, that's find, if necessary, I ask and people catch me up.

In both cases, it's fine if I don't visit on any particular day. Nothing super urgent. If there is, I'll get @mentioned.


Three Angry Heroes Brandishing Weapons

Back when G+ was a thing, there was a community or account or something that collected images of #rpg covers which followed a trope of three (or four or five) usually angry or distressed heroes brandishing weapons at something “offscreen”. Does anyone know if these were ever archived anywhere?


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#StormLarge sat in my wife’s lap last night, and started singing “It's a Man's, Man's, Man's World”. It was pretty great.

Researchers give you $5. Then they ask how much you would pay for a stranger to pray for you specifically.


Anima Prime 1.5 (unofficial)

Christian Griffen gave me permission to apply his G+ outline of a "1.5" version of his game #animaprime to the text of the original version, and I'm pleased to post the results:

An unofficial Anima Prime 1.5 document

#rpg #creativecommons
#animaprime #rpg #creativecommons Roleplaying
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Growing #pueblochile in Long Island. Having to experiment with water and light, but they’re starting to do OK.
#pueblochile Gardening

I launched the #7wideRpg challenge, mostly because I'm still pondering what my own answer would be.
#7wideRpg Rpg

I’m proud to live on a world where world-champion athletes donate their time to almost pointless scientific inquiry.

I'm releasing the sources of The Gold Canals of Irid's Vault, my One Page Dungeon entry:
Gold Canal Sources
#onepagedungeoncontest2019 #1pdc

“It needed more quality.”
—my son’s critique of breakfast

In my family, we’re not “car people” by any stretch of the imagination, but holy crap, #hyperdrive is great TV.

I wonder if executive producer Charlize Theron got to drive the courses.

Everyone in the US should listen to this. “Polarisation is a feature, Not a bug.”
America’s Hidden Duopoly (Ep. 356)
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Translation of the Fed’s actions yesterday: “the US economy is doing pretty good, but the yield curve inverted and the President is an imbecile, so we’re spending some anti-recession ammunition early”.
Monetary Policy
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Those don't look like friendly letters to me. They look like the sort of letters that a teacher might use in commenting on an essay, like "Don't use run on sentences." or "Don't use colons to separate list items."

My eight-year-old son has been devouring this book, a stat-free, digest-sized guide to the standard D&D critters.

Seen on billboard. “BarfMarket”. Pet care site, I think.