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Seen on billboard. “BarfMarket”. Pet care site, I think.

A terra-cotta d6, from 6th century BC, Greece.
#AncientDice Dice

The #AntikytheraMechanism beckons me every few years. It has a more impressive room than it used to.
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Where is it?

National Archeological Museum in Athens.

No clue why they don’t sell these in the States.

We've been getting the Masala flavor Lays at the desi market near us.

The Masala flavor is pretty great.

I can’t not be a fan of this team. Go #flamingos
#flamingos Sport
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I’m a terrible person for buying knockoff lego. But, damn.
That Trans-Light Blue hammer is cool.

Good Lord. Somebody buy this. I already have a set. I paid significantly more. #LordsOfCreation #Moldvay #ebay

The first comic book I ever bought with my own money was #xmen 136, the penultimate issue of the Dark Phoenix Saga. I was nine years old. The years that followed found me tracking down the rest of it (trivial now, a pain back then). Ever since, I've been waiting for someone to make a movie that does it some kind of justice.

This isn't it. But, it's better than I expected and probably as good as we're ever going to get from Hollywood. I have… thoughts… but not now. Spoilers allowed in the comments (one spoiler here: there is no post-credits scene).

Watching the original #thundercats with my wife and son, at my wife’s request. Forgot how catchy that damn theme song is. #HearTheRoar
Also… mutants wait for the old man to disintegrate, take Sword of Omens sitting right out in the open while the Thundercats are in hibernation, series over.
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When he was governor of Colorado, John #Hickenlooper presided over a program that provided public heath clinics in the state with IUDs, who then gave them to women who wanted them for free or at reduced cost. After the launch of that program, Colorado's teen birth rate fell by 54% and its teen abortion rate fell by 64%. Maddow had him on to talk about it, and other stuff.

#Denver, I am in you. Again. Briefly.
Blucifer, you always make me smile.

My prediction for the final episode of #GameofThrones: hereditary autocracy wins.
Thought I nailed this prediction. Nope.

A decade ago, Minerva Fox, the artist for the just-launched Hearts of Wulin, kindly donated some art to an Exalted-based fanboy project I put together. I appreciate it still, and am happy to call attention to her latest project (which sounds amazing):
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A test about the "personality" of your creativity. I'm apparently a "maker". (Maybe I should have answered "fortune cookie".)

Yeah, but are you birthday cakes or fortune cookies?
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I picked fortune cookie :)

My fly trap caught its first bug.


“It’s been a long, long time.”
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