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Wandering Beekeeper: The Reality of the Divine

Patrons of The Wandering Beekeeper just got a new post on coming-of-age rituals, inheritance, and blood pacts in the Venleitche game world. The public thus gets an older post from 28 May talking about how a culture works when the reality of its Divinity is undeniable. Want to see the new material as it happens? Want to see the game in its entirety, which is patrons-only until it's playtested and released? Want to support a mechanic driven by player agency? Follow the link!
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And what does this have to do with missing cats?

Who is Percival Hargrave, and why is his airship the USS Spindrift, registered in the Union, currently in the skies over London? More Wednesday. #ttrpg #steampunk #fasa1879


Venleitche Patreon: New patron and public posts!

My patrons just got the section on Cyclical Observances in the Religion chapter. Everybody else now gets the early draft of the History section, talking about the fall of the Northern continent, and why the Southern continent people live the way they do, originally posted on May 22nd. Want more? Want to see the compiled system as it stands each month? Those posts, with attached PDFs of the development version of the game, will never be made public. Want to help get this game up to playtest level, and take it to Discord? Click through.
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1879: Octavia Rainwater, Psychic Detective

1879 blog: Personalities 03 Reveal: Octavia Rainwater, Psychic Detective for Hire. We give you the Backstory and character sheet for an investigator built using the Medium template. Next month, Octavia will be a $1.99 PDF on DTRPG and the FASA store with five Connections, three Adventure Hooks, and three Goodies (in her case, detective gadgets) added.
#ttrpg #steampunk #npc #rpg #victorian #althistory


Wandering Beekeeper: The Current Situation of the Kingdom of Uster

This post on my #Patreon just went public, and a new post went out to my patrons. Find out about the current situation in the kingdom of Uster, where the action centers. Want to know more about the classless, levelless #ttrpg I'm developing, with a mechanic driven by player agency? Visit to see more! #amwriting


New Patreon Post (public!)

This post on my Patreon just went public. If you'd like to know more about the game world and integrated mechanic that I'm developing, and maybe support me in my efforts, just follow the link!
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1879: Down the Tunnel to the Dybbuk

New month, new chapter! Our intrepid explorers return to the construction project and go hunting for the murderous spirit! Be careful what you go looking for - you might find it!
#ttrpg #steampunk #fantasy #fasa1879 #victorian #althistory #newyork


New Patreon Post Up

As patronage has increased, I've been putting more effort into my Patreon, within the last week putting up a new post every day, each with new game material. Older posts are rolled to public at the same rate new posts go up for the patrons, so you can see what you're getting into before you decide to support me. I hope you will!
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Cert Renewal issue today

Sorry about that, folks. There's a certbot renewal script in cron.d, but it ran into a port conflict with nginx from the looks of things. I've manually renewed the certs, and am looking into why the port conflict occurred and how to work around it.


Wandering Beekeeper: Venleitche Dice Mechanics

The patrons got to see the first entity of the Darkness today. In turn, this older post has been made public, containing thoughts on the dice mechanic for the game. There's been some revision since this post.
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1879: The Good Neighbor

In this week's 1879 Line Developer's blog, a short story from the days right after the opening of the Rabbit Hole and the return of magic.
#ttrpg #steampunk #rpg #magic #victorian #althistory


FASA 1879 Weekly Blog: Mr. Khogisa's Cryptids

In which we meet a Promethean-School Weird Scientist from the Zulu Nation, who has brought to life three cryptids from African legend.
#steampunk #weirdscience #ttrpg #rpg #magic #cryptid #npc


1879 Inspirations 3: Where does this game come from anyway?

Books and documentaries that contributed to the 1879 product line. You want to know where the ideas for FASA's steampunk game come from? Here's some of the sources.
#steampunk #ttrpg #victorian #games #gaming #rpg #althistory #history


1879: Hey Mike, We Got a Demon in the Sewers

This week's 1879 blog, in which Our Heroes catch up their Fagin on the nature and scope of the problem.
#ttrpg #rpg #steampunk #victorian #demon #fasa1879 #actualplay
#ttrpg #rpg #steampunk #victorian #demon #fasa1879 #actualplay actualplay fasa1879 gaming nyc rpg steampunk ttrpg victorian


April TTRPG Maker post 30

30. If you were in charge of the ttrpg industry, what would you change?
I'm not sure I'm arrogant enough to answer this question with any degree of authority. I mean, the industry isn't a homogeneous organization, or even a consortium; it's a sort of collective silo of companies ranging from WoTC and Paizo down to one person putting out their indie game in PDF because they can't afford a print run. Trying to provide any sort of sweeping generalization just seems to be overreaching. I might suggest an advertising fund, contributed to on an as-able basis, that promotes ttrpgs outside of the existing target groups. We could all use more players, a larger market to divide up amongst us, and if we all chipped in according to our ability, ttrpgs in general might profit from letting people know what's out there. This could be done on a smaller basis, like a consortium of smaller publishers working to let people know there's more to ttrpgs than D&D. I... Show more...
#AprilTTRPGMaker gaming rpg steampunk ttrpg


April TTRPG Maker post 29

29. Exciting 2019 RPG Trends?
The market and industry have grown wide and deep enough in terms of available and forthcoming product that I'm unable to track it. I've been head-down over my own product lines, trying to get product out and stay in my lane. Once in a while I come up for air and see some cool stuff, but scattered data points do not make a trendline. I'm not the right person for this question.
#AprilTTRPGMaker gaming rpg steampunk ttrpg