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First one with the kiddo for issue three of his #comic. The friendship between Shark Girl and Princess Maclumpha is some of my favorite ones we do.

As before, his characters, my script, his art, my lettering.

I would have wanted this bedding so badly when I was twelve.



Wait, I've seen the movie Dave. The question you should be asking is, has anyone seen Alec Baldwin?

Here's some fun. Pretend you could give an RPG or storygame designer the official license to do a game based on a media property that you think would be perfect for them. And then tweet it to them with the #ttrpglicenseforyou hashtag.


I'm the Robert Browning of tabletop design.

Name me a tabletop RPG with the following characteristics:

1. Suitable for young kids
2. Isn't about fighting, wealth acquisition, or committing crimes
3. Includes rich and colorful rules for leveling up

Actually, I mashed up Risus, Pilgrims of Do, and a couple other games into a game called Letters to Helix that is kind of all three. It’s unreleased, because it isn’t very good, but it might qualify.

Twitter only allows four options in polls, so I'm doing my best here. Who's going to be our next U.S. president?




#SolarpunkChat A1: I'm a designer of roleplaying and storytelling games. My current project, Traverser, which takes place in a solarpunk future, is about characters who think like we do about war, and capitalism, crime, and justice, and how the world works, and then...

#SolarpunkChat A3: Not fiction or film, and not recent, but I think my favorite work of near-Solarpunk is the first edition of the Blue Planet roleplaying game. It's set on a new planet, has a society that includes cetaceans, and has potential to explore issues of...


#SolarpunkChat A2: I've been so close to tweetstorming about Paolo Bacigalupi's assertions about this in his interview in Everything Change since reading it recently, so I guess you just talked me into it. His assertion is one we've all heard before, that fiction has...