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Okay, this is fun. If I was working super hard on something I couldn't publish because I don't have the IP, what would you guess it was?

FASA has a long standing policy on this. As long as there's no money changing hands (which causes legal issues), there's no substantial portions of the mechanics or other previously published materials included (which would violate fair use), and there's a statement on the work that says that the copyrighted terms (e.g., Earthdawn) are used noncompetitively to refer to FASA's IP, we're okay with fan works being freely distributed. If people like our stuff enough that they're creating their own art for it and sharing it freely, we've achieved a success milestone.

@paulczege A Cowboy and Insects hack for Lady Blackbird

I'm going through AD&D modules I bought as a kid, looking for one to run with the #CzegeHouseRules at #NewMexicon, and I'm struck by just how many of them revolve around or at least use lizard men. I've got seven modules with lizard men. It's like half the AD&D modules I own.

@paulczege young Paul liked lizards?

@Jaye Foster
I did buy mostly modules for low level characters, because our campaigns never usually got to higher levels before imploding, so maybe that's part of it.

@paulczege Shouldn't you be thinking about lizardmen?

Y'know, maybe I always have been. Gecko characters in the fantasy heartbreaker I made as a teenager have thematic similarities to minotaurs:



At the driver's license office. No way to know how long the wait will be. No way to know how long anyone else has been waiting. Glad I read The Castle back as an undergrad or I'd be worse wrung out from the dissociation from the real.





Check this out @BoldBebo. Just found it at the library. The art style caught my eye after seeing your photo.

If a woman in the middle ages dies in childbirth, what's the chance the baby survives?
Major overgeneralizations to keep the answer short. European answer first: Depends largely on social class. In the aristocracy, the child is probably an heir, so a wet nurse will be procured, and the chances are pretty good. At the low end, there's no resources, and the baby most likely dies within 24 hours of the mother, if not during birth. Survival depends heavily on culture, geographic region, and era. Medical science develops and is maintained very unevenly across Europe, Asia, and Africa during the several hundred year period Europeans refer to as the Middle Ages. In the Maghreb, the odds are higher for the child's survival because of survival/preservation of medical practice. In some regions, Islamic medical science advances in this era, as documented in writings found in the library at Toledo. In northern Europe, folk traditions and fallacies like the Doctrine of Signatures and bloodletting hold sway. In what is now India, the odds are pretty decent there's a wet nurse available within the extended family, because of the difference in cultural structure, and ayurvedic medicin... Show more...

Great. Exactly the right detail I needed and wasn't finding online. Thank you.

How To Create The Wizard's Grimoire:


You know you've made it in your artistic field when a fan explains your work to you.
(It's never happened to me though, so I'm still your dubious hack.)

Good question. Not to mention that he also threatened Democrats with police, military and bikers "for trump"
That alone was traitorous. Why is he still here?

Because Americans fall into two camps: Nazis who support Drumpf, and spineless chickenshits who have not risen up against him for fear of the consequences. Sadly, I have to class myself in the second group, waiting to see who will fire the first shot.

Early in the development of The Clay That Woke I had a twelfth token type: Broken Silence. Instead of taking a Silence token when a minotaur broke Silence I'd give a Broken Silence token. And they could be used for different outcomes from the Krater of Lots.

Adding to a game's outlier mechanics feels like addressing loose ends and polishing it for the world. Adding mechanisms in its core feels like being sick in a country where you don't speak the language.

In a medieval world with no horses what animal would we have best used for pulling carriages?

@paulczege Real world societies used oxen, goats, reindeer, etc. Whatever large draft animal they have, really.

I could see using camels, ostriches, zebra, antelopes, alpaca, llamas, moose, etc.

In a more fantastic setting, giant lizards, enormous insects, spiders, animated statues, skeletons (both human and animal), bound elemental spirits, the severed hand of a giant, fish that swim through air, octopi that walk on land, rocks with human faces, weird clockwork contraptions, etc.

In a more serious vein, yeah, for 1879 the Saurids, who live in a sort of lost-world type of civilization and environment, ride theropods and use ankylosaurians as draft animals.

"inter-generational multiplayer, tend & befriend gameplay, prosocial competitive multiplayer"
Won't be there, but as the father of a seven-year-old I'd be all over these topics.