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The moment you know how fully you've been colonized by Twitter, or Slack, or other social media platforms is when you find yourself unconsciously hitting Shift-Enter instead of Enter when you're typing in a doc or text editor.

Put The Clay That Woke in character+discover.


Was browsing bookmarks from more than a dozen years ago and found this quote from Clay Shirky:

"[Y]ou will make more accurate predictions about software and — in this web drive world — about services if you ask yourself not 'what’s the business model?', but rather...
@paulczege Hey, don't leave us hanging!

Have you seen the Carewave Manifesto @Threadbare?



@paulczege Congratulations! That's awesome!

I just backed Advertising Shits in Your Head - the book on @Kickstarter

"Daddy, I think my throat is a waterslide for The Littles."


"They would ride on this cookie."


My son is playing some game he downloaded on the tablet.
"Daddy, do you like The Clay That Woke?"
"Uh. Yes."
"Then you will like this game. It's called Pottery."
And, did you like it? Any minotaurs?
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My kiddo sometimes drops some deeply philosophical questions. You have to know Roblox mechanical paradigms for this one though.
"Daddy, would you rather retire, or rebirth?"

With certain outcomes it turns out you have a super power. You roll to see what it is. Over the past few days he's suggested a few more to add:

Can Eat Fast
Can Make Time Pass Fast
Never Has To Sleep

They're all solutions to his biggest exasperations with his childhood :)

There are just two genres of RPGs being made. Ones the world needs, even if just in some small way, and ones that tell it how much you hate it, how disappointed you are.

But I'll tell you a secret — the second kind is actually also the first kind.


Just spent a few minutes messing around with twitter analytics on That #RPGTheory thread I just reweeted from February is my highest engagement tweet ever, but it's surpassed in engagement by nearly 100 other tweets by other users that I've retweeted.

Remember when I jumped the line on #RPGTheoryJuly with a tweet thread back in February?

@paulczege I am pondering this. So the past few days I've been alternating between 4th ed Rolemaster, Burning Wheel Codex, and some old school D&D books. In BW all the rules matter, in RM up to a certain point they matter, and well D&D depends on the social contract (or lack there-of) at the table.