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Yeah, I am probably submitting to this. I have my entry half written, and the rest thought out. If I can get it done by the deadline, and the part I think I have figured out doesn't come apart on me, it'll be my first jam entry.

Who on the production/design team is responsible for this? Is it clear from the credits?

True about tabletop RPGs too.

For three years now your job has been to Photoshop an endless series of graphics of Trump for an online political news website. It doesn't look like it's going to end soon. Stay positive. Try to keep it fresh. Maybe call your representative and beg for impeachment.

Daddy: "Hey kiddo, can I have one of your Capri Suns?"
Kiddo: "Sure. Daddy, you can have as many Capri Suns as you want until you die."

When you report a tweet you have to pick list a reason. What if the same requirement when you delete one?
◽"Fear of Repercussions"
◽"Regretted the Honesty"
◽"No Energy for Where This Is Headed"
◽"I Expect Better of Myself"

Once you've deleted three tweets in a row it's time to call it a night.

As I've gotten older I've come to an increasingly intimate understanding of #Card0.

American Spy by @thrillkinson is a teriffic book. It pretends to be a thriller, but secretly it aches for its truths. It's awesome. Highly recommended for @kleenestar. Also recommended for @mattsnyder and @tckoppang.

"I didn't have a guiding ideology until you were born. Now all I truly believe is that the world should be a place where you can thrive."

You're killing me @thrillkinson

“Avoid simulations that can trigger emotional traumas
“Don’t group students according to characteristics that represent real-life oppression
“Build in ample time for debriefing
“Remind students to disengage from the role-play at the activity’s conclusion.


Sadly, the centrist Democrats who rule the party won't proceed. Democracy as we knew it is over in the USA. What we rebuild from the ashes needs to be more inclusive than what we used to have, less vulnerable to gerrymandering and bribery, and more resilient to survive the next attack by fascism.

The kiddo got a small lesson in historical fencing from the Krieg School at #AuroraMiniCon yesterday.

Name me a game the #BoardGameGeek community gives a *higher* age rating than the publisher?

My seven-and-a-half-year-old kiddo:
"Is red pepper hotter than cayenne pepper?"
“Only one way to find out.”

At the #AuroraMiniCon. He donated one copy of his comic to the @DenverZine Library and traded one to a comics guy for one of his stickers.