It is 2019. Why do we still have dialog boxes that steal focus and accept input immediately?

Verifying myself: I am dpflug on Keybase.io. A-qG7LJClJJUw_2cQ-QswczYx0HtT9jxTNQw / keybase.io/dpflug/sigs/A-…

This is a test.

This account is conducting a test of the Friendica Twitter Connector. This is only a test.

If this had been an actual post, you would have content to interact with.
Test successful.
I must interact with this non-content; LOL. It works. Well, I'm testing, too, but just the Friendica web ui at the moment.

Testing a post from AndStatus. Nice to have a native client as an option. For anyone wanting to try, you have to pick "GNU Social" and add the server.

Hello World!

This is my server.
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