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Jacob needs a layer-outer!

Hey, can anybody recommend a professional layout person for an RPG rulebook? I've been trying to do it myself but I think I might be in over my head.

Experience with products published on DriveThruRPG (or similar) is a major plus.

Please boost!
Gig layout rpg



Brad Murray!

Sole proprietor of VSCA Publishing -- Diaspora, Hollowpoint, Callisto, Deluge, and most recently the Soft Horizon series.

I'll think out loud a lot with all the imprecision that implies. Imprecision that demands and delights in discussion.


soft horizon status update

The latest blog post at blue collar space is a simple status update for Soft Horizon!

I love you.
diceblog soft horizon vsca
Hmmm. Now I need to decide if I should keep getting the VSCA blog in my general feed or not, since entries may be conveniently manually linked....

I have no idea how this will work so I'm hoping an accepted method will kind of shake out. Until then I'll be manually posting a link.