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#rpg #osr #randomtables
For one dungeon crawl-y game I made, you had a system where you drew 3 cards for each dungeon area you entered. For the first section, you took the lowest as the treasure, the middle as the monster and the highest as the area type (cavern, underground lake, ancient temple, etc.). Then for later sections, you interpreted the cards in a different order: so now highest was monsters, middle was treasure and low card was room type.

Higher on treasure was nicer rewards, while higher on monsters was more dangerous creatures. But the room type was reversed: high numbers for rooms were very mundane, while low numbers were weird and crazy things (dimensional rift, living guts of an enormous beast, etc.). So int he first area, you got mundane rooms, little treasure and weak to moderate monsters. But later on, you got weirder places, with tougher monsters and nicer treasure.