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30. If you were in charge of the ttrpg industry, what would you change?

Being in charge of the ttrpg industry would imply that there really was such a thing as "the ttrpg industry", which would mean a bunch of healthy companies producing cool stuff, rather than one small niche company, a handful of vastly smaller niche companies, and a bunch of small press hobbyists.

In such a fantasy land, I would use my questionable authority to do the following:

  • Everybody uses open licensing.
  • Large companies (there are many in this fantasy land) fund artists to create open licensed art (somewhat like the Eclipse Phase hack packs).
  • Holders of out-of-print or "dead" IP release open licensed versions, even in just text.
  • Companies consider part of their business (even maybe the primary part) as harnessing the creativity of their customers, allowing them to build and share cool stuff they build on top of the companies' product line.
  • More software support for tabletop games, also open source.
  • All of this is magically profitable.