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April TTRPG Maker post 6

6. Long or short ttrpg texts?
That varies according to the game, the world, and the context. At a convention, or other demo, I want a short text that gets right to the point - what is cool about this game and world that makes it different from all others? Give me your elevator pitch. At home, I want a massive freakin' tome. I want Tekumel. Build your world in grand sweeping strokes, focus down on the minutiae of daily life, tell me a story of epic grandeur in a world that feels properly lived in. My current lust-game, the one I've been buying with the vain hope of ever playing it just because it's so attractive visually, textually, conceptually, is Shadows of Esteren. The core rulebook is nearly the size of 1st Edition Earthdawn, double the page count of Hillfolk, and I've devoured it slowly, savoring the richness of the world and the lushness of the content. Turning this around, I try to do the same with my own system - at conventions, provide one page, one sided,... Show more...
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