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11. Shoutout an underloved creator.

It's always surprised me that you (or, at least, I) don't hear more people mentioning Sarah Newton. Maybe people sing her praises in places I don't frequent. I mean, they must. Her work has won Ennies, after all. But her name isn't dropped in conversations as often as I'd expect. (Can you, for example, name her Ennie-winning game?)

Her Monsters & Magic is still unique among retro-clones, in that it is the only one that immediately motivated me to want to play it.

And, looking at her list of credits now, I hadn't realized she had a hand in a bunch of titles I recognize.
I knew her from Mindjammer, Starblazer Adventure, Legends of Anglerre and a lot of other Fate work, and I think in Fate circles she's appreciated. But yes, shout out definitely earned!

@wordman Sarah Newton is an absolute treasure. Anglerre and Mindjammer are amazing pieces of work.

Might be I'm not into OSR at all, but this designer sounds intriguing! I'll be inspecting further for sure :)

@Giacomo - Much of her work isn't OSR; it spans a few systems, notably Fate Core.

And, no doubt there are any number of mouthbreathing jacklegs who will line up to tell you Monsters & Magic isn’t “really” OSR as well.

Au, here is your comment in context! It looked very weird in Mastodon. Time to choose just one platform.