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April TTRPG Maker post 15

15. Favorite tropes to subvert?
Top of the list, stereotypical personalities by Profession / Discipline / character class. Earthdawn has a Discipline called the Nethermancer, a magician who works with True Patterns, astral space, spirits, and explores the boundaries between life and death and other states of existence. Traditionally, they're creepy. If you're going up against a Horror, the big nasties of the game, you want one with you, but even then, they're uncomfortable to have around. Always the question of whether their studies of the Elder Gods have driven them mad. In my ongoing Earthdawn campaign, I have a Nethermancer NPC, Rayechka, a dwarf woman of sunny disposition who dresses like a hippie, patchwork peasant skirt, muslin blouse, ankle and wrist bracelets, a flower in her hair and maybe one painted on her face. She firmly believes that it's better to negotiate with the spirits than to command them. She bakes bread to let off stress, lives in a tiny, ch... Show more...
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