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As I’m trying to read Silent Titans every now and then, I sigh as I realize that my brain is probably too puny and my imagination too boring for this. Feeling overwhelmed and unsure whether I can make use of this at the table.
What #OSR #PRG product have you actually used and liked using at the table? Even Stonehell has a lot of text for my taste. I guess Castle of the Mad Arch Mage worked pretty well more than fifty sessions.
I am reminded of advice I recently gave somebody, regarding adventures for newbies:
“I would write my own, I think.
That’s because I think finding a scenario and preparing a scenario takes time in which y... Show more...
I like kitbashing other people's stuff. I grafted a whole metaplot in Mad Archmage linking the clown murals with the trapped demons in the crypt, and spun a whole campaign out of Tomb of the Iron God, Purple Worm's Graveyard, Red Tam's Bones, and Ptolus, with a long interlude for a custom dungeon of my own.

I imagine the really creative stuff includes so much worldbuilding that it is hard to fit in that way.

Yeah, maybe that’s part of it. Where do I fit in the creative process, I guess.
Oh, and Ptolus was so intimidating in size, I think I never read more than a few pages. How did you manage?

I just used the underground dwarven city, and smuggled the party into the sewers using an Apparatus of Kwalish so they wouldn't have to deal with all the topside drama ;)

Haha, well done.

I gave ST a miss because I had such a hard time connecting with Maze of the Blue Medusa. I also find it difficult to find the right balance of terseness and information volume in adventures, and would much rather use a random generator to come up with a scenario I can easily build upon at the table.

It's interesting to think that all those years ago, TSR didn't think publishing adventures was worthy of their time and money. I guess they realised there was money to be made, and that the community liked having these adventures as a common experience?

Yeah. And box sets were out and splat books were in. But perhaps that’s simply the nature of the human existence. Our short cultural memory is a maybe a generation of 20 years and so we can bring back gaming product styles like beard styles.

"Bring back gaming products like beard styles"
This should be on a t-shirt, Alex =)