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Imagine if we could make America great again simply by lavishing affluence as widely as possible.


Wandering Beekeeper: The Reality of the Divine

Patrons of The Wandering Beekeeper just got a new post on coming-of-age rituals, inheritance, and blood pacts in the Venleitche game world. The public thus gets an older post from 28 May talking about how a culture works when the reality of its Divinity is undeniable. Want to see the new material as it happens? Want to see the game in its entirety, which is patrons-only until it's playtested and released? Want to support a mechanic driven by player agency? Follow the link!
#ttrpg #patreon #fantasy


Heading out now with my kiddo to #denverzinefest and he's bringing copies of his comic. If you see us among attendees he'd love to show it to you or sell you a copy.


And what does this have to do with missing cats?

Who is Percival Hargrave, and why is his airship the USS Spindrift, registered in the Union, currently in the skies over London? More Wednesday. #ttrpg #steampunk #fasa1879

President Trump is preparing to raid homes and deport migrant families before dawn on Sunday.
I hope it doesn't happen to you. Please #KnowYourRights in case it does.

Andrew Ragland doesn't like this.
Wilkommen zu Kristallnacht 2019. I've been expecting and predicting this for three years now, but then nobody listens to historians.

I remember when I was a kid UpWords was a game of mostly shortish words that got changed a lot by plays on top of them, pretty perfect for my kiddo at his current vocabulary and spelling ability.

So I was pretty excited to find a copy at the thrift store.

This would be, among other reasons, why I'm an admin of this Friendica instance, and why I spend so much time in the Fediverse. Effort must be made to decentralize communications.

Waffles with homemade chutney for dinner!? Don't tell anyone.

@paulczege I love waffles for dinner!

Forget about that Cyberpunk 2077 game. I played a Roblox game with my kiddo today where we had upgradeable auxiliary stomachs on our backs that were plastic capsules, and we made money by selling off our extra cultivated body mass.

It's been a while since I've done Game Chef. Was it always a 10 day deadline?

I do a lot of automatic writing. The Morning Pages is basically automatic writing. But this is hard. It's a different spin on it. It's not "get in touch with your unconscious, creative self." It's "channel the outside".

I've been listening to oldies radio in Denver. It's fun because the playlist is so different. You can drive all around the midwest listening to oldies - Michigan, Ohio, Illinois, Indiana, Wisconsin - and hear pretty much the same playlist. But way out west here the stations...


!Hacking Ptolus
This site is a campaign-specific member-only sort of thing, but has a nice interactive “Google Maps”-driven map of #Ptolus on the front page that looks useful.


Venleitche Patreon: New patron and public posts!

My patrons just got the section on Cyclical Observances in the Religion chapter. Everybody else now gets the early draft of the History section, talking about the fall of the Northern continent, and why the Southern continent people live the way they do, originally posted on May 22nd. Want more? Want to see the compiled system as it stands each month? Those posts, with attached PDFs of the development version of the game, will never be made public. Want to help get this game up to playtest level, and take it to Discord? Click through.
#ttrpg #fantasy #patreon #playeragency

I can’t not be a fan of this team. Go #flamingos
#flamingos Sport (x)



1879: Octavia Rainwater, Psychic Detective

1879 blog: Personalities 03 Reveal: Octavia Rainwater, Psychic Detective for Hire. We give you the Backstory and character sheet for an investigator built using the Medium template. Next month, Octavia will be a $1.99 PDF on DTRPG and the FASA store with five Connections, three Adventure Hooks, and three Goodies (in her case, detective gadgets) added.
#ttrpg #steampunk #npc #rpg #victorian #althistory

I hope people remember me as a great matador.
I'd like to be remembered as the inventor of General Relativity and Quantum Mechanics.

I hope people remember me as the Kaiju that leveled San Fransisco that one time.
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I’m a terrible person for buying knockoff lego. But, damn.
That Trans-Light Blue hammer is cool.

"If something makes you very uneasy, especially if it's something that's being done in a creative field where you have experience, pay attention. Your mind is telling you that there's more to process than just your surface reaction." - Questlove

"For me, creating things is about finding a place for feelings that would otherwise interfere with ordinary life." - Questlove

The novella wants to inspire you and release you back into the world. The novel, the series, the franchise, they want to own you.

"The novella, I've long felt, is the perfect form of story. Long enough to submerge us in its world, to make us care about its characters, yet just short enough to be stripped of the excess fat of novels." - Lavie Tidhar
Novellas also make better movies. Too much has to be cut from novels to fit into two hours.

!Roleplaying Games
A neural net trained on frpg monster names, to generate new ones.
@Roleplaying Games bestiary (x) Neuralnet (x)
“Fire worman” is my favorite.

!Roleplaying Games
A neural net trained on frpg monster names, to generate more.
@Roleplaying Games bestiary (x) Neural net (x)

If you need a copy of The Clay That Woke, it's at Origins:

The kiosk at the post office made me buy an extra stamp to hit the credit card minimum for my transaction. Anyone want me to write you a letter?

@paulczege Me! I'll send one back.

"[M] a tool for humanity to use to bend reality to their own wishes...was born from capitalist desires"


TTRPG creators show me your referrers? Social media is your front end, right? Is anyone's top referrer anything but (Twitter)?

@lumpleygames @ndpaoletta @temporalhiccup @MariaMison @thomasanovosel @BradJMurray @DungeonCommandr

"[N]ow that the character has trusted you with themself it’s possible for you to free them. What needs to happen is for someone other than you to believe in them."…





Good Lord. Somebody buy this. I already have a set. I paid significantly more. #LordsOfCreation #Moldvay #ebay

My kiddo: "Daddy, how successful does a book have to be to get a sequel?"
Me: 🤔
Me: "That's incredibly complicated."
My kiddo: "How complicated?"
Me: "Like, sometimes the sequel is planned from the beginning. But sometimes it gets canceled anyway. And sometimes the author...