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I wish we had comparative polling on Hitler's popularity at this point into his fascist regime.




"At the Raba, men and women and other genders bathe together....[O]ur bodies are our connection to life and to the world. When we see each other’s bodies we learn to cherish our own and accept its love for us."

eBay had the hook up :)

If you haven't seen @temporalhiccup's The Mermaid Spell, you really should.

You just found the Sword of the Third Kind! It does 2d10 the way you are and it is a player damage.

I did all the stats from games I've made as an image not to long ago.


1879 New Product Release!

Your #steampunk campaign needs a Gentleman Thief! Get this 11-page PDF-only dossier on Wilhelm Kasebier of Prussia, including Backstory, Connections, Adventure Hooks, and full stats on three steampunk thief's devices for only $1.99! Click through to for more details!
#ttrpg #fasa1879 #NPC

Everyone in the US should listen to this. “Polarisation is a feature, Not a bug.”
America’s Hidden Duopoly (Ep. 356)
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Daddy: "I made you a special roast beef sandwich."
Kiddo: "It's not special. You just call it special."
Daddy: "It is special. I made it special for you."
Kiddo: "It doesn't give me powers or anything!"
He's got very high standards.

The heroism of health in the face of awful and inimical culture and institutions is a super compelling nascent element in recent RPGs. We understand the heroism of it in our gut, despite a lack of mass media narratives expressing it.
Most of all, in order to “fight” faceless systems, you have to not fight, but find some other way to engage.
One of my main goals with Counter-colonial Heistcrawl is to get players involved in what it means to build an empire and challenge them to do something else, in the face of aggressive invaders who are doing exactly that (I chose 1600 exactly because it’s a time when the faceless forces of Capitalism actually have faces - or agents, anyway). Starting in SE Asia it’s possible but very hard to play the colonial game - Civ, basically - and fight off the Europeans. But doing so without yourself becoming a colonial empire? That’s uncharted territory. Nobody knows if it works. It would be a wild ride for the GM. far, though, my players have mostly emulated pirates and maroons. Which is not surprising: that’s what historical people did, too.


I told a friend of mine I was surprised when people wanted to playtest Azathoth because it's such a horrid game. She said I shouldn't have been surprised, because I got playtesters for the Czege House Rules and it's "so much less well designed".


1879: Nilufer Haktanir

What has the Ottoman Empire got that holds back the Cossacks? They've got Nilufer Haktanir and what she built.
#ttrpg #steampunk #althistory #fasa1879 #NPC #ottoman

Want to know the artist for the cover of A Viricorne Guide? I'll give you a's not Goya.

(Check this thread for the answer.)

"I never developed the hook of self-imitation, from which commercial success so largely depends. Do you think Jasper Johns *wanted* to paint all those flags and stars?....[O]ne is rarely rewarded for change." - Paul Park

A jam to design introductory tabletop RPGs:

How to make friends on (a short thread):

1. Participate in a game jam.

2. Look at the submissions by other participants, and think about which of those other designers you'd like to be friends with.

FYI, when a publisher blurb describes an author's work as "fearless," it's almost certainly a synonym for "bleak". Fearless joy is extremely uncommon and unpublished.

The kiddo loves funny stories, so we checked this out from the library. Turns out to have been a quite ambitious book title. Sometimes with books or comics he'll ask me, "Why is this funny?" and I'll explain. With these he was like, "This isn't funny." Brutal.

Latest comic with the kiddo. I bought him some fine point markers, hoping to work toward more detail in his art, so I worked the marker transition into the flow of the story with instructions in the script.

"No me saques sin razon. No me enbaines sin honor."
An 1825-1835 sword by a German maker for the Spanish speaking market.

Our local pediatric emergency room uses this as a real tool:

LEGO (x) medicine (x)

Contract honey bee husbandry.

Defying physics in sexy cars.

Mining for coal.

"They hear the testimony of those cast into their Corne, and from it they see humankind more clearly than we see
ourselves. We believe in harsh judgement, and the perfectibility of society. They believe in...

Why I've been playing Roblox games lately:

Remember when people came to The Forge in 2004 or 2005 and were frustrated there were too many finished conversations that felt like a barrier to entry? Well, my recommendation is to start reading and playing games from now. Start with PWYW games. Give yourself a...

It's stunnning how fundamental sharing is to my seven-year-old son's interactions and gaming. I will offer him the last cookie in a package, and he'll say, "We can split it." He'll place a tunnel card in Saboteur: The Duel just to help me...

"The best thinkers in Viricorne spend their days on the eastern colonnade of the Sap Market. You might think it would be days of heated arguments and strong personalities, and it used to be, but..."

Guilherme's meta-pamphlet about making #TTRPG pamphlets covers basic Typography, negative space, layout tips, print info and public domain images.