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Also, check out that phrase, "approximate self". One of the most fun things about the small games #ttrpg scene on itchio is the invention and exploration of new genres. Solo play RPGs are one. Games with ritual elements are another. "Approximate self" is the phrase...
This looks really interesting. Where do I go to find it more? I don't do Twitter and am clueless about what an itchio is.


"So, are we actually going to do any gaming tonight, or are we just going to talk?"




1879: A little more arsenic anyone?

Let's talk a little more about poison, and why it was such a big deal in the 19th century. #ttrpg #rpg #steampunk #fasa1879 #arsenic #victorian

There's always some common ground if you look for it. In this case it's that no one, not Republicans or Democrats, Kurds or Turks, believes news of this murder made it hard for Trump to sleep last night.
But, sure, let's investigate Hunter Biden.

Can anyone explain to me how they have made #discord useful to them? I’ve been tinkering with it off and on for months, and can’t seem to derive much value from it compared to the cost of using it. I get the impression that, to be useful, it’s something you have to pay attention many, many times throughout a day. Is that a wrong impression?
(subscribe). I have yet to make Discord usable, so I'm also interested.

I find discord useful, and there are two unrelated modes I use it in.
1. There are a small number of servers that I read all the posts on. These servers have low user counts, but the average value per post is high.
2. There are chat rooms. I may or may not visit in any particular week. When I do visit, I've usually missed stuff, that's find, if necessary, I ask and people catch me up.

In both cases, it's fine if I don't visit on any particular day. Nothing super urgent. If there is, I'll get @mentioned.

The son of game designers was just talking in his sleep, saying "It's your turn. It's your turn."


Socialist Indie Game Marketing

I've captured at a thread from the Fedi where Chris and I have been talking about consumer-owned distribution collectives meshing with creator collectives, so that each group owns its part of the means of production, and a pull channel is set up from the consumers reaching out to the creator collectives that interest them. People can of course be members of more than one collective, and the overlap, plus friendships between collectives, leads to word of mouth advertising, deals and promises made between collectives for production and delivery, creatives from one collective moving to another that's connecting to a better-targeted distribution mesh or that's just doing something cool they want to get in on. So many ways this could go.
#ttrpg; #rpg; #games; #gaming; #socialist; #socialism (x)
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I love Camilla's style. Here's how to get in on her giveaway.

Huh. Is it time for me to change my Twitter avatar?

Woah, look at those spirit boards!

I'll take "Wendy's RPG" for 1000, Alex.

my only disagreement is that capitalism entered its predatory phase centuries earlier.



Hey @lumpleygames, how'd that "too much symmetry" situation play out for you?
Check out the asymmetry in the set-up for my current WIP:

I'm looking forward to the 19th.


I do not think it is too late. I would not have spent time writing the thread if I thought it was too late.

My first games on itchio I didn't make covers. The Game of Rule and I Know How To Free Them have "cover images", but they show the games in play and the pdfs just start right in with the text. Lately I've made covers as if the games are physical publications. I wonder why.

TFW the left ventral tegmental area of your brain becomes active and pumps out dopamine.



This is a good question. I don't know of any. Does anyone know of any other #Threeforged games that were developed and published after the challenge was over?

Remember #Threeforged? @BENZORD is running a #Threeforged2019.





"The divine, unknowable and unreachable Other is no longer the subject of our love stories. Instead, we are interested in the Self..."

I lived a mile south of this zip code the year after I graduated college. I can't imagine another Presidential candidate has come to this zip code in my lifetime to talk to people.

I'm pretty sure Congress is trying to call witnesses.

So, like, which one of my terrifying projects should I try to work on today? Gah.


Tussie Mussie just arrived 💐🌱🌿🌾🌻🌺🌼🌹 Looking forward to playing it with my kiddo @elizhargrave.