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In case you missed it:


I suspect it would sell better on itch as an executable game than as a pdf with hyperlinks.

Someone convince me I'm wrong?

Daddy: "Kiddo, I love you."
Kiddo: "Then why didn't you let me play Color Bump on your phone?"

Submissions are ✨OPEN🎉.
Until January 5th.

Nadler is going to struggle to keep the GOP from making a circus.
Here’s the problem: they’ve been making a circus all this time for their own news bubble. The D news bubble says one thing, the R bubble another, and overlap between them is minimal. Which is why Nunes always sounds like he wasn’t even in the meeting during his summing up speeches - he’s not talking to the other people in the room, he’s talking to Fox.

Mama hates taquitos, so when she has to travel for a business meeting the kiddo and I play games and eat like kings.

Six weeks ago I published Circling Each Other without much fanfare. Check it out if you missed it:

After the last three years of this corrupt shitshow it's pretty emotional to see ferocious patriots speak at length on television the past few weeks.


Brilliant use of the custom noun functionality on by @SweetCyanid3

Now I want to release a MURDER.


I really love that @AdiraSlattery also provides booklet formatted pdfs for her games on itchio:

You can't see the names of people who've joined #AStoryofStoryplay jam, but I can. There's some from outside the #ttrpg scene - a fanfic writer, and a Twine writer, & others. If you hang out in a geeky writer community, please help spread the word there.

Everyone with a collection of tabletop RPGs has way more that aren't particularly fun than ones that are. And if you switched to buying RPGs that weren't playtested before publication this fun to not fun ratio in your collection would stay pretty much the same.


Venleitche Weekly Update 2019-12-02

​This link redirects to a public post on my Patreon with the development tracking spreadsheet. ​

We are up ten pages this week, partly due to addition of a new party of example characters. I'm proposing to have two parties of pregen characters in the manual, one rural and one urban, and alternate between them in the example text throughout. I'm also thinking of doing two one-scene short fiction pieces, one with each group, so as to have not only the actual-play examples with mechanics, but an immersion into the game world with each. As always, see the Wordcount, Changelog, and To-Do tabs for the latest details. This revision of the spreadsheet also adds a tab for the example characters, listing the two parties for GM / developer reference. Yes, you get access to some of my working notes. Patrons will get the manual five minutes after this post goes up. As always, thank you for your interest.
#gamedev (x) #mechanics (x) #patreon (x) #rpgs (x) #ttrpg (x)

Are you thinking of doing #AStoryofStoryplay jam and looking for a game to write about playing? I just published The Ringing In My Ears. Check it out:…

If you can't spare the money for it, DM me and I'll get you a key to download it for free.…artridges-online/

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Popcorn Jam:


The kiddo went beyond the allowed apps for his screen time, so mama took the tablet away.

Kiddo (wailing): "Now what am I going to do mama, just sit here and cry!?"

But how do you write yourself an ending after goons cut Clark apart on the big screen with a kryptonite bone saw because their oligarch Prince hates his journalism and the American Republican President gave them CIA data about who he was and his weakness?

It is wonderful and exciting to see the experiments of inexperienced designers, like being caught in a doorway during a summer rainstorm.

It is rare and disorienting to see an experienced designer experimenting with the freedom of an inexperienced designer, like...


1879: What Do Trolls Eat?

1879 Blog: In which we discuss military rations for Big People, and compare troll rations to Earthdawn's dwarven mine rations. Spoiler: nobody likes either of them. #fasa1879 #steampunk #ttrpg #rpgs #mechanics

How long has Adjunct been a thing, and a job title in academia? Twenty years? Longer?

Hmm. A sequel to a game that doesn't exist. Why do games not exist?

Because someone wisely thought better than to publish something problematic?

Because no one could get the needed media license?

Because the designer couldn't get access to a publisher?

There's so many interesting sequel making dynamics. There's the Tolkien and Jack Kirby thing. "We went into dad's notebooks/sketchbooks and found a fragment that we're awkwardly inflating now into an epic."

Breathtaking. Imagine being so whole you could say this.

SequelJam is really calling out to me. Hmm.



I bet @cartweel would take a late submission to the Tony Hawk Jam if you made a game intended to be played by Tony Hawk AND Carly Rae Jepsen.

I bet @cartweel would take a late submission to Tony Hawk Jam if you made a game to be played by Tony Hawk AND Carly Rae Jepson.

rosecoco jam:…


Carly Rae Jepcember jam:…



Who else has picked the game they're going to write about playing?

What if your secret lover, a true friend, and a hateful enemy were at the same gathering and realized they all knew you?